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Start Addres/DMX Programmer Kit


Start Addres/DMX Programmer Kit

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The Renard Plus Start Address/DMX Programmer is a stand alone battery powered programmer
with an OLED display and easy programming switches to change the start address or DMX start channel
on all of the Renard Plus boards and Renard SS series boards SS8, SS16, SS24 Renard 64
The beauty of this board is you can take it outside and program a new start address or DMX
channel with out powering up the controller board. It has a 9 volt battery which powers up the programmer
You should make sure to have the board that you are programming powered off during the process
of programming the board. On all of the Renard Plus boards it was tested with the following PIC's
PIC18F2420,PIC18F2525,PIC18F2620,PIC18F4520,PIC18F4525,PIC18F4620,PIC18F25K22 and PIC18F45K22.
As for the Renard SS boards and Renard 64 testing was only done on the PIC16F688 and testing of
the PIC16F1825 has not been done and we are not sure if and when it will be done.